The Prairie Permie

About This Project

The blog portion of this site is where I share my garden with you. Check it out for trail cam sightings, garden projects and tasks, and garden plant info.

Explore the School Prairie

Our local middle school is located on about 80 acres in South Central Wisconsin. The school was built in 2009 on a retired corn field. While most of the school grounds are taken up by lawn and hard surfaces, a hedgerow still exists along the western edge of the property and teachers at the school have added a vegetable garden and three prairie restoration patches. A retention pond on the south-eastern corner of the property has also proven popular with migrating ducks, geese and cranes and over time has become a home for plants that one might expect to see around a natural pond in this region.

Discover the Plants that Make Up the Prairie

On my quest to learn about the native plants around me, I’ve found so many wonderful resources with helpful information. Some resources focus on the plants themselves – where they grow and how to identify them. Others focus on how to grow them. Still others on their culinary uses, medicinal uses, or crafting uses. My goal is to pull all of this information together into a single place, to get a wholistic look at the plants around us.