June Grass (Koeleria macranatha)

Silver in June.

What would the prairie be without prairie grass?

Historic Range

June grass grows widely in North America in many habitats, but especially in the prairie.


Per Wikipedia:
Koeleria macrantha is a short, tuft-forming perennial bunchgrass, reaching heights from 20–70 cm (7+78–27+12 in). The leaves are basal and up to about 20 cm (7+78 in) long with a blue-green color. The inflorescence is nearly cylindrical and may taper somewhat toward the tip. It holds shiny tan spikelets which are sometimes tinted with purple, each about half a centimeter long. Its fruit is a grain that breaks once it has fully ripened.”

Wildlife Supported

Food source for large grazing mammals.

Culinary Uses

Seeds can be ground and boiled into a porridge.

Medicinal Uses

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Craft Uses

Leaves can be used for brooms and brushes. Stems can be used to clean pots. Plant parts can also be mixed with clay to make a building material.


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Diseases and Threats

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Plant Communities

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